David James

Castle Douglas and Crocketford

Contact David at David.james@dumgal.gov.uk

After growing up in Dalbeattie, I left to travel the world working in all aspects of golf.   Returning to the region it was a joy to see that its beauty endures. However, our local infrastructure is degrading and the economy is failing.   The Council needs a complete overhaul if it is to improve its performance whilst coping with dramatic funding cuts.  Rather than just carping from the sidelines, last year I decided to put myself forward as a candidate to become a Conservative Councillor. After some weeks of knocking on doors, I was fortunate enough to be elected to represent the Ward of Castle Douglas and Crocketford.

Having been away from the area for decades my local knowledge has required a lot of updating. That has been quite easy compared with the other hurdles in the way of achieving success as a Councillor.   If a resident comes with a problem one can act as an advocate, but not change the law.   In meetings one can try to move minds in the hope that the Council will amend regulations or spending commitments.

So much for my role as Conservative Councillor. As Unionist Councillor I am conscious of the continuing threat of an Indy Ref 2.  I believe that although our area has a low population, its geographical position and  strong Conservative and Unionist support gives us the chance of great  influence on the constitutional issue if we are prepared to take up the challenge.

Politics is certainly the art of the possible. As my experience grows I am becoming better able to identify where positive change is doable and concentrate my efforts there.   I am conscious of a duty to repay the trust placed in me and our party by the voters, many of whom told me to “get in there and shake them up!”


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