Finlay Carson Selected!

Finlay Carson has been selected to stand as the Conservative and Unionist prospective Westminster candidate for the Dumfries and Galloway Constituency in the General Election next year.

Finlay, 46, from Twynholm is well known in farming circles, having been raised on his parents’ farm, and more recently in his twin roles as an IT consultant and as a Conservative Councillor for Castle Douglas and Glenkens Ward. He lives in the Twynholm area which is in the heart of the Constituency.

In his acceptance speech, Finlay thanked the members of Dumfries and Galloway Conservative and Unionist Association for placing their trust in his ability to win the seat from Labour. He also said “I’m looking forward to making a real difference in Dumfries and Galloway, representing the views and addressing the needs of all constituents across the area and the political divide. What the constituency has needed for a long time is someone to champion causes such as youth employment, integrated transport, tourism, infrastructure and rekindle interest in the area from prospective employers especially in the industrial and IT sectors. I am confident that I am that person”

Finlay then went on to say that he was looking forward to build on and complement the work of MSP Alex Fergusson, and with David Mundell MP ensure a consistent representation in Westminster of views and needs across Dumfries and Galloway.

Alex Fergusson MSP was clearly pleased with the result saying

"I am delighted that Finlay Carson has been selected as our candidate for next year's Westminster elections. As a local man through and through, he is the perfect candidate to help with the fight against breaking up the UK and go on to provide truly local representation for Dumfries and Galloway at Westminster. His local credentials are impeccable and, having worked with him on many issues since he was elected to the Council, I can vouch for his level headed, common-sense approach. I look forward to working with him in the coming months and years."

David Mundell MP added his support:

"This a vital 12 months for our local communities and our country. We need to deliver a decisive No vote to separatism and ensure we play our part in delivering a majority Conservative government after the next general election. With his strong record of local campaigning and business experience, Finlay Carson is the man to do that here in Dumfries & Galloway"

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