Friends Of The Union

Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson launching Friends Of The Union at Troon:-


Good afternoon,

What a line up.  It shows just how important this issue is to our Kingdom of nations. And the support we have from All corners of our United Kingdom.

David Trimble: Nobel prize winner. Architect of the Good Friday Agreement. who has found the time to come to Troon today, and show his solidarity for our cause.

And Cheryl, secretary of state, proud of the job she does for Wales, but proud to serve in the Government of our United Kingdom.

Tom. Strathclyde by name, British by nature. Leading in the Lords for Conservatives from throughout our United Kingdom.

Sayeeda. Don’t ever tell her she can’t have triple identity. She’s Yorkshire, English, British and proud!

All four, here, together and united in one cause - our cause - I thank you all.

One final thank you I can’t let go. I need to thank, we all need to thank, Annabel, who continues to not only to be a selfless servant to this party but is a wholehearted supporter of this cause. And I’ll let you into a little secret – we’ll be seeing a lot more of her as this campaign builds. Annabel - you are one in a million and we thank you.

 Now, Friends, the next thousand days could determine the future of the country we love for the next thousand years. It is that important. The next thousand days could decide which passport we hold, which currency we spend, which army protects us. It is that important.

It’s time for us to think about what kind of a country we want Scotland to be.

Do we want to be part of the 7th biggest economy in the world?

Do we want a seat at the top table in the UN?

Do we want Scotland to be part of the most successful military alliance in history - NATO?

Do we want Scotland to continue in the most successful union of nations the world has ever seen - opening doors through the relationships we have built, the treaties we have signed and the alliances that we have forged across the globe?

Or do you want Alex Salmond to scrap our union with Wales, England and Northern Ireland and replace it with a Euro union of 27 nations who don’t share our language, our culture, our history, or our currency.

So this IS a big decision, it’s not like an election where you can change your mind five years later. The decision we make here and now, could change the face of our country forever.

So, we are rising to this challenge.

Conservative Friends of the Union is open to all who believe as we believe that Scotland contributes so much to the United Kingdom and benefits so much in return.


It’s not just for our members, our activists, our voters. It’s for anyone in Scotland who wants to help the cause.

And yes, work is going on with Labour and the Liberal Democrats, with academics, business leaders, and wider civic Scotland to bring all those who want to champion the United Kingdom together under one banner.

We will be a willing partner in that campaign because we know the cause is greater than all of us and the support we receive will be greater than the sum of its parts.

We will stand together.

We will fight together.

And we will win.

This debate is about much more than just the pounds in our pocket, although we know the economics are on our side.

This debate is as much about our future as our past &ndash although both are on our side.

And this debate is about more than our security, safety and influence &ndash although all three are on our side.

At its simplest, this debate is about who we are, and who we want to be.

It’s about nationality, identity and belonging.


It’s about being Scottish and British &ndash and not having to choose between the two, about not letting Alec Salmond take one of them away. He can’t. He won’t. Because we won’t let him, we will win.

Friends, on this platform today is visible evidence of the groundswell of support from the four nations of our United Kingdom – for Scotland’s place IN our United Kingdom.

Our task, our duty, is to take our positive message, our compelling case, the strength of our arguments to people right across our country.

To help the silent majority and it is a majority to find its voice.

To stand up proud of who we are and all we wish to be as we stand up for strong Scotland in a strong Britain.

Because we ARE a United Kingdom and Scotland IS Better off in Britain.